Illusive like a shadow.

So, you've decided to let me breath again? I'm grateful for that. It's been how long since you've actually brought me out of hibernation? Never mind. It doesn't matter. I'd like to express how grateful I am for you letting me out of your headspace and back into reality. People need me. Like my friends and allies.

There's a war to fight.

You're givin' it all you've got... Wait...

Don't be so hard on yourself, lass. You're trying. You made me, that's something. You can't accommodate people that aren't there half the time. They're just busy, I'm sure.


Look, you think I like hanging around here with the rest of your neglected muses? Not exactly a party, here...


Okay mun. You've had me around for...almost five years.

And I know you've really been tweaking your story of me for awhile. In RPland, I live in DC.

But thought, 'Hey, maybe the whole supernatural creatures living in the real world is right now way too popular.'

Well, you're kinda right, created me as a bit of a joke because of pop culture being what it is.

So now you're kinda thinking, 'Hey, maybe I rewrite your story with you being from another world.'

My thought? I think this all came from being disappointed in Once Upon a Time.

And maybe a dash of Cosmos. Which is a way better show. But yeah, that too. Just don't make an OC based on Neil cuz that would be odd.

Honestly....I dunno about this alternate world thing. I get the idea...but I'm a bit torn about being a tad rebooted.


...I'm not sure I would call it "forgetting."

More of an avoidance of this place because of so many things that have happened.

Call it curiosity to see how others are doing as well. Another year passed, and we've both been through a great deal.
Don't waste time thinking about the motives of losers. It doesn't matter what he thought.  What matters is how he acted: impulsively. That is, he reacted as I'd predicted.

And the outcome was informative.

[Homeless currently] A new face....

W-well...h-hello there!

Mun-chan, you'll find my friends, right? Right?


Is there a place for me to go?

Maybe Mikasa will be there? Eren? Jean?

I don't want to worry them, though....

....Mun-chan...umm....find me a good place, okay?

Can there be a tag for Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin? I couldn't find one...
[This woman here is furious about a current predicament. She's been so furious that she's what caused those holes to appear in the ground. Rosso stands, her arms crossed as that Romanian accented voice of hers sounds venomous.]

Mun... What do you know of this? This nonsense?

[She moves a dark gloved hand to the side of her head, looking aggravated.] My mind, it cannot take any more. And this woman; she is but a mere weakling compared to a Tsviet!

No, they are not dead, or finished. [She knew what Mun was going to say there.] I'm alive, aren't I?

If this far-off world is so powerful, then why can't it fight its own battles?

At least let me slaughter those drones, or hunt for Xargin. That would be far more enjoyable.

[So frustrated. Feeling so indignified and angry. Rosso's in the mood to kill something, or someone.]

Are you kidding me?

(He rubs his forehead and growls.) Why do I keep gettin' pulled into these strange goings on? I swear I'm goin' to die early...well, again anyway.  I don' even know how to pitch in to start solvin' this mess. You saw what happened when I -did- try to figh' the first time...nothin' worked and I had to run. I'm no coward.

(His head hurts worse now.)  An' mind explainin' to me why you're amused by it? (He glares.) Stop mouthin' off, you know you're enjoyin' some of this.

Mun, mind makin 'sure I get some sort of break...a day or two of normal every once in a while?
I see. You are serious about me.

At least I'll be with those I recognize, but I have heard that they may have lost all memories of me, and the Nexus place...

[Shelke frowns.]

You're thinking of writing a prompt. This late?

[Mun can at least get one started! Please be cooperative?]

If that will help you, then do it. I just find the extra attention uneccessary, in my opinion.

((2 AU versions of Dean, 1 post!))

AU Dean: So, how is it over there, anyway?

AU Nexus Dean: [The double scowls a bit as he replies.] A mess.

AU: I got that much already, from what Mari told me. She says it's sentient, and can take whoever it wants, whenever it wants. That ain't right.

Nexus: [His scowl dims upon hearing his friend/family member's name.] No, it isn't. We're--hell, I don't know anymore. Pawns? People it's attached to? Things are making even less sense... She is okay, isn't she?

AU: Physically, she's fine. Other than that, she's upset. Frustrated--have you and your Sam really been over there for seven years?

Nexus: [This Dean is looking to his double right in the eyes.] Yeah, we have. Now there's more confusing, bogus crap than there already has been. We learn on the go. There's no lore anywhere on sentient worlds.

Not over here, and I doubt there's anything to dig up where you are.

AU: You're probably right about that... Hey, I got another question. Does your Sam have any strange dreams, of living a double life?

Nexus: [Tenses.] No. Does yours?

AU: Yeah, and we believe that he's connected to yours through them. [Runs a hand down his face.]

[AU Nexus Dean does a double take at that. Seriously?! WTF, man!]

Mar. 13th, 2014


I am not feeling 'out of my groove'. I am just surrounded by a different 'groove'. Why should I feel uneasy? It's not as if I am hiding secrets, or working around a telepath, or staying put instead of running around (which would be very risky of me. I am hardly confused about my life's purpose, or my moral compass, or even who I am.

Oh wait...

Anxious as I am, I am not, and never will be 'out of my groove'. I will 'groove' until the end of my days.

Yours, theirs, whoever's,

PS: I need a fiesta. Pronto.

((A suspicious ex-SOLDIER))

Whatever you're thinking about, stop. Forget about it.

Or are you really being scatter-brained right now?

[He breathes out a sigh.]

You've done enough damage. Stop splitting everyone up.

[... Oh, and one more thing. Something Cloud wants to know as much as the rest of his comrades want to know.]

Is she all right? It's been months...
[At the volume she speaks in, you'd kind of have to really listen. Anri is often a soft spoken young lady.]

[She bows, a bit shy.] ...N-Nice to meet you, Mun-san.

Where will I be going? Will my friends be there?

[She's sure she'll become sad overtime the more she's away from any of her close friends. Most of them she knows from school. The other's complicated. Celty Sturluson-chan may not be human, but Anri doesn't at all treat her any different than anyone else she's ever met.]

[The answer Mun gives doesn't sound great, but at least it's a little optimistic.] "Maybe" is better than nothing.

AU! Vamp!Mello

Before I start I know things are complicated. I get it, okay? I do, but I have a world to save. You know, me being a Blessed One and all of that? Matty needs me. Near needs me. We have a job to do. It's the only reason I became a vampire. You know agreed to stay stuck as a fifteen year old forever?

And I won't let my selfish asshole of a father get away with any of it. I don't care about his reasons.

Right now though I am hungry, Mun. We should go out on the town. I know of a few clubs that would be perfect. Even some goths who wouldn't mind sharing their blood. I'll have to wipe their minds, of course, for their own protection. There might even be Karaoke.

But I need to get out. Please?

Mar. 10th, 2014

I miss who I used to be. Is there a way to make me go back? I want to go back to being that person.

(She looks up.) About that "Reborn" thing...I'm not happy and I know you're not that excited about it...but, you saw that question drop off board, right? Mind askin'...if...well, they could ever...well, undo what happened to me? I mean...I'm not stupid enough to believe they will do that...but...could you still ask anyway?

I think I...kinda eff'd up.

But I had no idea this Steve Rogers guy would know Phil.

And Phil might not blame me for mentioning him being alive, all behind good intentions! He and I both know I wouldn't mean to put anymore stress on him. Especially since Skye hasn't woken up yet.

Steve's not bad though. Not at all. [Her gut instincts tell her so. The guy sounded very optimistic when they first met, and he not once made her feel suspicious or stressed.] I warned him ahead of time to not demand answers. Phil looked like a mess. How tired and worried he looked mirrored how I've felt during restless nights--and I've had one too many of those.

It's too late to go back on it now. It's been too late since I uttered my friend's whole name.

What I don't want, Mun, is anymore drama that I've already had.

+1 hero adding to hero list.

I'm not a hero. [He drew a deep drag from his BOSS cigarette and sighed. Why did everything think of him as some god damn hero? He was just a guy doing a job, right? Even Raiden thought he was some kind of war hero. He didn't even have any medals to his name. He just did what he had to do. Completing the mission is the only thing that he thinks about these days. Not much else. What else has he got?]

You forget about the whole "hero" thing right now. I'm just a guy doing a job. Just like any other soldier, apart from I don't care if my ego get dented, unlike other people I know. [cough, Liquid, cough.]

Just let me get on with my job. I don't need any more drama in my life right now.

She is the sweetest muse ever.

Hey. It's okay it's been a while.

I'm just glad everything's sorted out now. Things were hard for a while, but everything's okay now, and that's what matters. I'm so glad you're alright! You've been such a great mun to me and the others. So just take your time easing back into playing me. Maybe rewatch the series, not just my episode! That cheers you up. If you want to take me to DreamWidth, that'd be fine, but think it over and don't worry so much.

It's great you took my advice on downloading that mandolin podcast. The mandolin always makes me happy... I hope it helps!

Master Miller talks. Or does he?

[ooc: just fyi, this is Liquid Snake disguising himself as Master Miller, for all you people who don't know about this guy's alter ago.]

So, how about a deal then, mundane? You help me recruit some fine strong young men for my mission? [He won't say what mission, since Liquid isn't that stupid to admit that. He no longer has Ocelot for his second-in-command, so needs more recruits. He wants to do this subtly.]

If anyone is hearing this, I would love to help train up any young man or woman, if you are in need of an adventure. I am Master Miller, a survival expert and have years of experience working throughout the world. Jungle, desert, wasteland. Name your place, I've seen most things you could only dream of. Don't look at me like that, mundane. I am being serious here.

No trick. [Not really! Hah! Let's see how many gullible fools he can recruit, so that he can kill his brother Snake and activate Metal Gear REX. Also, fulfil Big Boss's dream.]

So, it's been over a year now...

It's been over a year since I met Mari Broderick and fell in love with her. It doesn't seem that long but it is. I really want to do something with her to celebrate this event. A year anniversary dinner somewhere? What do you think? You're a guy. What would you do for a girl you love and have been dating for over a year? <small>[He looked up at the sky and pondered. With all the Nexus shit going on, he wanted to do something special.]</small>

I know it's been hard the last few months. What with all the Nexus stuff going on and things. Yet, love can exist anywhere, right?

Since you've let me choose...

I think you know what I've already decided; to tag along where Mari-chan and her friends would be. I could do much more for everyone there than that hell of an island.

It's the much more fun out of the two options you've presented me, simple as that...

I prefer places without too many trees and where I won't have to watch where I step. [Izaya grins.] Besides, you've put so much stress toward that poor girl. I believe she needs a helping hand. As we both know, there are certain conditions when I don't charge to help people--and you know I can't resist a chance to meet up with Mari-chan again.


I know you are excited about this idea of yours, Mundane, but you must be patient. You did only put it up a few hours ago after all. And besides you must be willing to accept no one will be interested.

You can only wait at this point and answer any questions that might come up.

[Tentatively looking for new home]

Morning, Miss mun! I missed you. I slept for a really long time that when I woke up I didn't know if you were still there for me anymore.

But you've always been there for me, right? You saved me from the darkness, just like Aqua did!


[Her face falls]

...I miss her, though. I miss all my friends.

((Come out of hiding. Come out, I say!))

Mundane... [His sigh is so quiet, and sad.]

If I am to heal and cleanse my home world, I cannot give in under these recent circumstances. The Lord's Will won't be denied.

This Nexus holds me back. It has become even more of a hell, and the blasphemers are taking away more lives of His creations.

[Xargin becomes quiet for a long moment, before speaking again.] I must resume and go further to the root of this evil. It must be destroyed.

:] looking for a home!

Yeah! Yeah!

That's the spirit! Welcome back to the community, you old veteran, you! I mean, you're not old or anything, but still!

Now, where are we going?

Feb. 23rd, 2014

[A shark is flopping around aimlessly. What the heck is that shark doing.]

Feb. 23rd, 2014 Ye still considering whether t'port one of us over to that other journal site? Why me, then? It's no' as if I ha'e much of a 'canon' to begin with, never mind that it's...what'd ye call it, 'procedurally generated'.

Face it, lad. 's no real place for a miner like me over there.

(no subject)

I still don't know what we're going to do. (Elsa looks up at the sky.) So, it's not even a matter of getting too far head of ourselves...

Did you even think anything out? Or are you going along with whatever happens? I'm not going to complain that much, but you really shouldn't do that.

(A place to belong would be nice.)

At least some people here seem to understand a little bit...but, I don't know...I think you're assuming too much when you say that we'll be good friends. I might hurt them. I don't want that to happen. I also only just met them.
[Warily, Jill will take this opportunity to assess some things, and speak her mind.]

Everything seems all but quiet in this "head space", as everyone else around there calls it.

It's crowded, and chaotic. This Magwald Xargin sounds as insane as... [No, she isn't thrilled at all about this. Again, a relief that bastard is dead.]

From what the others told me, it's a little different than the B.O.W's my comrades and I have seen.

Technically, it's not a virus, but advanced technology that spreads like one, and takes over and changes them into armored freaks known as Amalgam cyborg drones. [Yeah. She hit the nail on the head, pretty much!] Looks like I'll have to get some armor of my own if I'm to protect myself from getting hurt, or bled on.

[The symptoms. What they described...

Umbrella shouldn't ever find out about Xargin, and what he's done.

I've heard all I needed to know about them, and what Xargin intends to do. They're slightly different from the B.O.W.'s--but what I don't understand is this other world it's all taking place in. How can a world be sentient?

And how the hell can a dragon be real over there? Jesus. [Jill sighs. This is getting to be too much. It's a hell of a lot to take in!] I'm just thankful she didn't try eat me. Almost gave me a heart attack when she started talking to me.

[Jill's been very focused on sharing this and hoping to find answers that she's forgotten what else she was going to say.]

Feb. 19th, 2014

You aren't even playing me anywhere any more and yet you want to pay money just so you can add icons? More specifically icons that have me scarred? You need help, that's all I can say.
[A piranha plant emerges from a sideways green pipe.]


Can I come out and meet people? Can I? Huh? Huh?


I know you were looking at this account, Mun! You were thinking about me, right?

[Mun sounds like she's both amused and perplexed over the intercom.] "Steve, why are you wearing a Shy Guy mask?"

[...] Umm... 'cause I felt like it? I think it's cool! Don't you?

[...!] Hey! How come I can hear your voice, but can't see you? How are you doing that? That is so amazing.

"D'awww, I guess I missed you."

I missed you too!

I'm glad we're having this talk. [Steve smiles.]
I get that you wanted to go on stupid YouTube again, and now you're gettin' excited about a dude who left a message before this one, but I need you to focus here. Okay?

[God, Dean does not want to know where this woman's head is currently at, but he has to address something very, very important so he could know. He's in no mood to mess around.]

I'm not sure if this one guy is someone I should even get into.

I get that I'm around for just the one thing. You get back to me, help me dust off, and think it's all good and fun that I meet Nathan, the carnie who can fly around without pixie dust. He said it's a DNA thing, so, would that make him more like Superman?

Makes more sense that way.

Anyway, you know I'm much more concerend about the super-villain dude. Nathan said there's not many prisons that can hold a guy who can move the earth. I'm thinkin' he can cause earthquakes, at least. Right?

Sam and I have never gone after anybody like him. [He can't imagine what the dude's childhood must've been like.]

I do not like the idea of any mid-air action. Don't let that get into that mess you call a head, lady. I mean it. [He's putting his foot down! No planes, or Nathan hauling his ass around. None of that, thanks.]

Where are we headed with this, anyway? Is there anything more to do from here, or is this really just a one time scene?

Also; when the hell are we going to get the leader of psycho terminators? You know how messed up Nexus has been because of him! At least let Spawn punch right through Xargin. Then Sam, Mari, and I could go raise some hell at the Medusasaurus once every last Amalgam drone is scrapped. [There's a little scowl to Dean's expression on the mentioning of her. She'll pay for what she did to his mind for a while.]

[ it is 3am WTF am I doing ]

What are you doing?
I'll tell you what you're doing.

You're in the middle of waking me up out of nowhere, for no damn reason at all, that's what you're doing.

Not that I don't appreciate the attention, but you do realize I'm over 40 now right?
I've gone through some pretty screwed up shit, and now you just wanna come on along and dust me off.
Well I got some news for you, it ain't happenin'.

Have you taken a look around?

[ cue cricket chirping ]

There's no one here!

Look, you're tired. Obviously.
I mean, you gotta pretty be damn exhausted to be going this crazy to wanna dig up this ol' can of worms again.
Why not just put the laptop down, go to bed, get some sleep, and leave me alone. Okay?

Feb. 1st, 2014

Hey Mun,
So how's life suiting you? So can we talk about the username? I'm not sure I can really understand why you picked it for me. But thanks letting me out. Although I don't know quite what you're going to do with me. Other than use my journal to collect songs that make you cry (Yeah I noticed you were doing that).
If I get a say (which I doubt) I would love, I'd like to see Oliver, find out how he's doing... and Laurel. They're my best friends and I'm worrying about them. My death must have been hard on them.
Anyway, good luck Mun. You may need it with me about.

Feb. 1st, 2014

Dear mun,

You're stuck on things that don't matter, mun. You and I both know that we cannot know everything that is going on. As far as I've seen, you are very good at wasting time overthinking the actions of others and then realising that it's a waste of time. You have your guidance, you know what you should be focusing on. This, keeping your characters and stories close, is an aid. Treat it like one.

Yesterday was a Black Moon, remember. Time to focus on your new projects, not obsess over side activities.

I'm here now, mun. I will give you my advice. Always.

Blessed Be.
[She's staring at the computer presented before her, wary and unsure of what to make of the message on the glowing monitor. "Hi Emma. You may address me as Mun, Mundane, Writer, Typist, or even player. It doesn't really matter to me which you choose.

I know I cannot use the intercom system to communicate to you, because you won't be able to hear me. Reading lips won't be possible either, for I'm not standing in front of you.

Emma looks around this mostly empty room, but she doesn't see anyone. Is this some kind of joke? What is going on? There's nothing here but a desk, a chair, and a PC. Suspicious...

She slides back the chair before sitting down. If she types up the response, will this Mun person be able to respond back?]

What kind of name is "Mun" supposed to be? Who is this? Where am I? How do you know I'm not able to hear?

[Mun's response: "Mun is an alias. You'll learn my real name later. Who I am and where you are...that's all complicated. You're in another world of sorts, and I'm the writer. You're the muse for something called roleplay. Don't worry. I don't intend to take you away from your life. I'm only curious to observe which direction you'll go, and who you will meet."

"As for how I know about you, that's more complicated. ^^;"]

[Emma reads and frowns at this response a moment before typing;] You're not making much sense. Writer? Of what? What is roleplay?

Why would you want to observe me? I'm not really interesting.
[That last part being a lie, sort of... The most very interesting thing about her is what she sees, and what she can do--but Emma doesn't trust some annonymous and mysterious person sitting at a computer someplace else to ever mention that.]

Jan. 25th, 2014

Hey. I'm super glad you've brought me back. I missed my friends.

But, I just got back and you're already thinking of a new verse with magic, wizards, and law. I-I don't know how I feel about that. But, I'm willing to give it a try.

On his journal nearly being deleted....

Ohhh, so you haven't forgotten about little ol' me? Good to know, though I thought you said you were laying off the preternaturally gifted guests for a little while?

And do you really think you should have two guys like me in your head at the same time? It could get dangerous, and you're fond of pointing out how territorial we can be.

I could use a Scotch right about now...

You haven't even finished my icons yet! Those are what you usually finish FIRST for us, then have us waitin' around forever and a day for a game.

I feel terribly unprepared. I hope you're happy with yourself.

Jan. 20th, 2014

Mun, mun, mun. No one has a clue who I am. Not that, that really really, matters. There are, after all, many OCs in the world, and characters just as obscure as myself. But, I'm a supercomputer in a compound in Rockvil South cuts down on the number of people who can actually interact with me.

Unless they wanted to be a part of the simulation, which is really unlikely. Maybe you ought to do something a bit more productive?


Dear Mun...

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