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Shaking off the dust

Mundane-- and you can trust I mean that in every sense of the word--

Really, now. Did you honestly think that you could keep me shut up in some disused corner of your primitive brain forever? You could not possibly have imagined this little arrangement would suffice for long. You could not have dreamed I'd keep quiet.

Oh, but I suppose it's all of little consequence now, since you appear to be coming to your senses at long last. Let's let bygones be bygones, shall we, and take a peek at your progress? So far, Mundane of mine, you have considered the following environments to pop me into:

1. A city fueled by sexual energy: Sexual energy, I may add, that you are somehow expecting me to produce solely for your amusement. Do I seem that desperate for a good shag? Really?

2. A prison: No. Absolutely not. I won't even dignify this with further response.

3. Anywhere the Doctor is: Please tell me that you are joking.

I gather from your giggling that your primary aim in all of this is to torture me. That ends now, you feckless ape. Do you hear me? NOW. Don't mistake what I am capable of. I'm in your head, after all.

Now run along, there's a good girl, and find me a suitable game.

Love and Kisses,
The Master
Tags: [canon] doctor who, [rpg] *homeless
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