2 (is_smashing) wrote in dear_mun,

voice testing, nervous mun :| homeless. contrary to what muse says, not going to sleep anytime soon

Now, now, miss, I understand that my voice may be new to you, but I'm certain that, with a little practice, you'll do just fine. After all, isn't that what you yourself often tell others when their nerves are getting the better of them?

Now, let's see... where's that friend of yours that wanted to see me? Ah... he's gone on to bed, has he? Perhaps it would be best if you did the same yourself. It is terribly late for you to still be up, young lady.

((sdflkjs brand new muse. I'm scared to death that I can't do him justice. |D The friend in question would be crankiestone's mun, who really, really wanted a 2, and, well... I can't say no to him :|))
Tags: [canon] 9, [rpg] *homeless
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