Jo Grant (an_escapologist) wrote in dear_mun,
Jo Grant


Dear Mun,

Now, you know I think we should maintain a healthy, respectful relationship; I'm not like some of the people in here, I hate to not be polite to you.  But, in this case... I'M TIRED OF BEING MAD.

Is it too much to ask to fix me?  Talk to Charles!  I hate being like that, I hate it I hate it.  You don't know what it's like, not being in control of my own mind; it's awful, it's... well, you just think it's good fun, character development or plot or some such, but I've hurt people- really properly hurt them.  And I don't even want to think what it's doing to Liz, me being like that.  So talk to Charles, please; arrange something with UNIT and the Brigadier, or a find a Doctor, anything, before things get even worse.

I do want to take advantage of Liz's Christmas gift, after all.  Maybe make it into an apology, for how I've been acting.

No thanks,

Josephine Grant

P.S: I wouldn't mind doing Zagreus a bit of damage.  Keep that in mind.
Tags: [canon] doctor who, [rpg] brb_gallifrey
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