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'S been a span. Ignoring me for the Master? Masters? Well. I suppose I forgive you. After all, you've gotten him settled. Kids and a nice little Hub and . . . me. Well, not me. Not much. Not any longer. He's a good man, though, that Doctor. Very patient. A remarkable human being.

Mind getting clever with my canon. I don't want to know that he's in here with me. And, oi, enough with doing . . . whatever you've been doing with my regenerative abilities. I'm still a Time Lord, play the TARDIS symbiosis much as you want. Two hearts, time sense, telepathy, regeneration.

Oi. That's uncalled for. Right, yes, I'm lucky you haven't made me human, too. Believe me, I know.

Don't you think it. Don't you dare.

Time Lord. Me. Last of. Not changing.

- The Doctor
Tags: [canon] doctor who
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