Tsukiyono Omi | Takatori Mamoru (takatori_heir) wrote in dear_mun,
Tsukiyono Omi | Takatori Mamoru

[on upcoming character plot]

Mun-san, are you sure about this? The five of you planning this seem to be a bit too... 'gleeful'... about this. I don't mind so much the part about becoming a child again, but I won't know Ran-kun or Ken-kun or the others. And are you really going to have me put up a fuss if one of them tries to take me?

Wait, computer programming? You're having me stay with that computer programmer from the game you're playing, and he might take me in as an apprentice? If he can really write stuff like in that game of yours, I suppose that wouldn't be so bad.


It's not like you listen to me, anyway...
Tags: [canon] weiss kreuz, [rpg] somarium
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