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In which a Giovanni is greatly displeased


What is the meaning of this?! Don't give me the innocent look, Mun, you know exactly what I speak of!
I...I....there are no words for this!

Good lord in heaven, you know very well I am loyal to my wife even when I have not seen her in over a year! To even contemplate cheating on her is inexcusable, but cheat on her with HIM?! It's deplorable! My lord, you and his Mun even found it hilarious!

Why am I still letting you play me, again!?

Cyrus, please say you agree with me that this is completely deplorable?! I know we do not agree on much, but....THAT is something I think we can both agree is just.... GAH!
[At this point he just starts muttering to himself in Italian, and most of it's rather inventive cursing]


Tags: [canon] pokemon, [rpg] smash academy
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