The Master (controlparadox) wrote in dear_mun,
The Master

Regarding an upcoming event in amatomnes

Nine encounters.

Nine encounters in five days.

My dearest mundane, while I can appreciate your... enthusiastic reliance upon my admittedly remarkable stamina; and while I can certainly see the point, however pathetic it is, in gaining me allies in this city full of squalling infants... is this really the sort of reputation you wish to build for me? Furthermore, did you even bother to think the logistics through? Or more importantly, how I might feel about coupling with some of these prospective 'partners'?

You've clearly lost whatever tiny piece of brain matter you had left rolling round in that vacuous skull of yours.


Why are you pulling out your day planner again? Surely you're planning to erase some of those--

No. No. Stop that.

Stop that this instant.
Tags: [canon] doctor who, [rpg] amatomnes
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