Claude Faustus (impureandpure) wrote in dear_mun,
Claude Faustus

Escalation of the Feud and Other Matters


I cannot quite forgive you for entangling me in this ridiculously anachronistic battle with Sebastian Michaelis.  I can only hope that my latest response to his nonsense will put a swift end to this contest.  I have other matters to attend to, and I would rather not have them interrupted by someone else, particularly not him.

I also cannot fathom why you and his mundane seem to be getting along.  Your taste is questionable at best, but I suppose I cannot change your mind.

Additionally, I second what my other selves have said about overreacting to a certain part of my anatomy.  I must add, however, that these thoughts you are having about my master and me are entirely inappropriate.  I am a butler; such acts are not a part of my duties.  Desist immediately.

Claude Faustus

Tags: [canon] kuroshitsuji
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