Alois Trancy (earlalois) wrote in dear_mun,
Alois Trancy

Voice testing!

[Alois’ laughter is quite distinct as it then resorts to a snicker.] How thoughtful of you to grant my wish in allowing me to break off on a journey after all. That mansion is getting quite boring and those useless fellows are getting more useless.

However, it is quite pitiful that you’re putting all your attention on me than your other muses. Do you really want me that badly, ahahaha~ Be grateful that I’m not asking you to get down on your knees and BEG for my cooperation. [Alois breaks out another small playful laughter as his expression becomes serious.]

You seem confident if you’re already considering putting me in a game too. Though you’re unsure of which one, is that right? It doesn’t matter to me as long as Claude comes.

Isn’t that right Claude? You WILL come.
You promised you wouldn’t leave my side after all.
Tags: [canon] kuroshitsuji, [rpg] *homeless
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