Ash fucking Landers (confessmyname) wrote in dear_mun,
Ash fucking Landers


My harbinger,

I insist you to find and inform Miss Hannah Anafeloz that mind control is my area of expertise. To be frank, I'm expecting royalties from Trancy House. This will lessen how unappreciated I feel, as my contributions to this series have never received proper recognition.

Also, the "fanservice" as you call it is disgusting and unclean and corrupt:

It's so very impure. I must purge it all. I MUST PURGE IT! PURGE!!! PURGE!!!!!!!!!!!


--My apologies, harbinger. You know how I feel about demons and their impurity. The only way to handle this loathsome situation is for an angel of my caliber to purify both Mr. Michaelis and Mr. Faustus, separately and then together. I will stretch out their abhorrent bodies beneath mine and make them one with me so they can be clean again. You can arrange this for me, can't you?

Declared with a great deal of concern for your immortal soul,
though I'd rather gouge out my eyes with Drocell's finger puppets than save you,
Ash Landers

Postscript: While I do love duels, I must point out that the souls of these two children are almost beyond saving. Please ensure I've the means to purify both Ciel Phantomhive and Alois Trancy as well. Separately and then together.

Tags: [canon] kuroshitsuji, [rpg] dirtyvegasrp
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