Alois Trancy (queenspetspyder) wrote in dear_mun,
Alois Trancy

Tell me, woman. What is it that you're so afraid of? Are you afraid that I'll win? Is it that you actually like that dog more than you like me?

Well let's get something straight. Yes, I am going to win. Ciel Phantomhive is a pile of trash. I plan on crushing him and his worthless butler. Even if you say you're not on my side, the truth is, I've already won. Who are you playing now? Me. Who is the main voice talking in your head? Me. You obviously like me more.

It's okay. You can go on pretending that you want Ciel to defeat me. You and I both know that what you really want is to see me triumph over him. I can wait until you admit it. I'm patient. While you piddle away in your silly little day dreams of the Phantomhives, I shall be eating delicious cookies that Timber made. I'll be waiting for you to come around, Mundane. Furthermore, you will receive no cookies whilst you idolize Ciel.

Also I think it's absolutely adorable that you're scared of that joker. This is just another thing that shows how I am superior to you.

Yours truely forever and ever,

Alois Trancy
Tags: [canon] kuroshitsuji
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