alois trancy ✗ (justsocruel) wrote in dear_mun,
alois trancy ✗

WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK @ EPISODE 7. Spoilers in comments.

I really don't understand anyone or anything anymore. Not Ciel, and definitely not Claude.

But I guess I shouldn't be surprised, right, Claude? Claude? CLAUDE? CLAUDE?! Given how fucked, UP, my entire life has been until now?!

And now we'll finally get to see just how fucked up it has been. Aren't you excited? I'm excited. I am just so fucking excited.

EDIT: Oh, Ciel. If only you had believed me.

EDIT2: Claude... (Also thanks for the typo, mun. I'm flattered you're so upset, though. Truly.)

EDIT3: 100 icons and a paid account AND a unicorn? You're spoiling me, Ciel-that-didn't-do-that. At least now my mun can edit fucking typos.
Tags: [canon] kuroshitsuji, [rpg] *homeless
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