Claude Faustus (impureandpure) wrote in dear_mun,
Claude Faustus

Reserved at dirtyvegasrp, and surprisingly calm about it


I must confess, I was initially doubtful when your friend suggested this arrangement, and my reservations have not entirely been quelled, particularly after looking into the logistics of that place.

However, you do raise several very valid points. Consider me intrigued. There are a number of possibilities to pursue, and, ideally, If I am able to reach some manner of agreement with the angel, conditions in Vegas might become slightly more suitable to my...tastes.

I am also pleased to see that my master will be there. No doubt he will need a great deal of protection, if he chooses to accept it.  He does seem to have grown colder towards me as of late.

Now, if only Ciel Phantomhive were to make an appearance.  It would be a welcome intrusion, even more so because Sebastian Michaelis has not yet shown his face.

On a somewhat related subject, I am also impressed that you have become so crafty as of late. I freely admit that I did not expect this level of scheming and forethought to surface on your end when we first formed this partnership.  I believe our arrangement has been mutually beneficial to that effect, and some of the situations you have been discussing as of late sound rather appealing, so to speak. Please continue in this vein, although I would more than content if you stopped mentioning butterflies at every turn.

Claude Faustus
Tags: [canon] kuroshitsuji, [rpg] dirtyvegasrp
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