Chef Timber (symchef) wrote in dear_mun,
Chef Timber

I wake up, I make some crack, muses be hatin'.

... ... ... [What Timber is trying to convey is that he's most displeased with his mun for her recent laughter fits at something he has no control over.]

... ...

[It's not like he even wants to be a part of that roleplay. He's happy as a mere chef.]

... ...

[And yeah, This would be why he has no intention of doing anything with Alois Trancy now, in the future, ever.

OoC note: The Timber and Alois depicted in the image are based off of a roleplay set in the future from their current canon. Alois is twenty-four. Timber's... an older demonthing. In other words: everyone doodled is of age.]
Tags: [canon] kuroshitsuji, [rpg] *homeless, [rpg] musebox
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