The Master (controlparadox) wrote in dear_mun,
The Master

Forgive the overuse of italics, he's awfully incensed.

Oh, there you are, mundane. Come back refreshed from your little research trip, brimming with new ideas, have you? Can't say I'm terribly impressed so far. You can't even feign ignorance anymore. You've seen what those particular vampires can do. And so now you're entertaining the notion of cornering me with not one, but two of them? All so that the Doctor can retrieve his little toy and I can... what? Owe Martha Jones a favor?

Oh, no. No, no, no. I refuse.

There are many ways to get on my good side, mundane. Recommending the taste of my blood is not one of them.

PS. While we're at it, I'd prefer if you didn't use the image of my rather embarrassing future self when clearly it's me you're playing. Not him. In fact, split the journals entirely, why don't you, and create a new one. Why not call it: pawnofrassilon?

Good, isn't it? Oh, I wouldn't worry about the icon space. How many expressions does he make anyhow? Crying, laughing, crying, crying, angry, crying... Though I'm sure you could even trick someone into offering you a paid account, if you only played your cards right.

Can you even play cards?
Tags: [canon] doctor who, [rpg] taxonomites
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