Alex Shepherd (waywardshepherd) wrote in dear_mun,
Alex Shepherd

plans @ dirtyvegasrp + AUs and musebox antics

... yes, I'm speaking to you again. I don't get why, if you love me so much, you do things that you know will make me upset with you.

Because we've got stuff to talk about, you and me. A lot. First off - having me attend a Halloween costume party in Vegas? Okay, I'll admit I need to get out a little more than I have been, and maybe it'd help me recover if I did, but I'm not so sure a party full of people is really the best way to start. I have no idea what I'd even dress as. You have no idea what I should go as! Suggesting 'soldier' is another of those things that will make me stop talking to you, by the way. Plus it's kind of weird knowing you're planning for me to talk with the... physical personification of my country, all right. How does that even work?

Secondly, that 'musebox' post. Do you really have to keep putting me back in Silent Hill? I'd love to be able to get away from that place for good, thanks. And not drag others into it who shouldn't have to be there. Castiel... Castiel's all right. But a Trickster? Really? An annoying one, too. Thanks. It'll sure be great to have him prancing around, showing off how he's better than me at every opportunity.

Third? Just because Castiel and I get along well, doesn't mean you should start thinking up some weird alternate universe where I get stuck in the Apocalypse too and end up joining the Camp Chautauqua band. Especially if the leader's going to be such a dick.

Seriously, can I petition for a new mun or something?
Tags: [canon] silent hill, [canon] supernatural, [rpg] dirtyvegasrp, [rpg] musebox
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