Tony Redgrave (demonofficer) wrote in dear_mun,
Tony Redgrave

contemplating editing his very AU history to include a certain SMT game...

... a demon hunter in the end, hm? Tokyo...

I always did want to travel. Not quite under those kinds of circumstances, however. You know I don't speak a lick of Japanese, right? Still... if that's what you decide to do in the end, I'll trust in your decision. Though... if you do make that change, you realize this username wouldn't fit quite right anymore.

... 'carry the past with you.' All right, point. It'll be - [ A pause, where he tries to think of an appropriate word for the situation. ] - interesting, I guess, to see where this goes.
Tags: [canon] alternate, [canon] devil may cry, [canon] shin megami tensei, [rpg] *homeless
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