Gavroche Thénardier (top_oftheclass) wrote in dear_mun,
Gavroche Thénardier

Got Some Questions For Ya!

 Alright mun? Coupla questions. First ... what's the deal with my sc.. scr... that thing "top_oftheclass "

[It's from one of the songs in relation to you...]

...Oh. OH! An' the city, what's with the name Patria? ... Sounds familiar actually.

[...No comment]

You know, you're not really that good at the straight answer thing. Maybe you should do that thing. Might help out.

And 'onestly, I ain't gonna be in awe of a posh kid's fancy dwellings. Just a 'ouse ain't it? M'free, he ain't. Big difference there. 

'Onestly. Like you n'er even read the book. 

[...erm... you're musical verse...]

Point still stands! 

Tags: [canon] musicals, [canon] obscure, [rpg] prophets_song
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