Chris Halliwell (2ndcharmedson) wrote in dear_mun,
Chris Halliwell

We Need To Talk

So, hey.

It's been a while now. I'm not saying that I'm ever going to forget her, or him, but ... I gotta let go. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I loved Jenny, but I've seen what it's like. Not everyone remembers the Nexus. She won't remember me. I'll deal with it, but you gotta let me move on. I know she'll be doing great wherever she is. Same with Dean. He'll be kicking demon ass, like I should be.

You know this Bison's a problem. I know Bison's a problem, even with what Wy did to him back then. And now he's got Norton wrapped up in his plans...  Seriously, I can find stuff out googling about this guy, but I can't take him in a fight? I know there's some plan, and I'm talking about all the little ones your warped mind is coming up with, but they're right. We gotta get the kid out of it. And fast. 

... Guess that's it.  

Tags: [canon] charmed, [canon] doctor who, [canon] street fighter, [canon] supernatural, [rpg] fandom_smash
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