Matsumoto Rangiku 「松本・乱菊」 (bosomyburden) wrote in dear_mun,
Matsumoto Rangiku 「松本・乱菊」

Early canon Rangiku and a voice test!

You are so cruel to me, mun. I thought that we could bond woman to woman but now you're telling me that there's terrible danger in store for me? And the kind of danger that will shake the Gotei 13 to the core, no less. Why would you keep something like that from me? [Rangiku sighs, takes a few deep breaths and downs her glass of sake before pouring another.]

Don't think you can distract me with sake either. [A mocking laugh directed at the mun since Rangiku assumes she sees through her mun's plan.] I can multitask; besides I will never stop asking until you tell me exactly what you mean. I have all night, mun, don't think I'm bluffing; you might as well tell me what you know now so you don't have to listen to the annoying knocking in your head.

It's a terrible thing to tease me this way only hours after such a tragedy. Aizen taichou was murdered in cold blood and left in such a terrible position, not to mention there are ryoka to deal with. How can you be so heartless?![Thankfully Matsumoto doesn't sound too desperate yet.]

I'll feel like an idiot if you're teasing me.
Tags: [canon] bleach
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