Warren Peace (quicktoflame) wrote in dear_mun,
Warren Peace

You're Just Going to Sit There and Listen

 No, I don't care if you think it'd be the greatest idea ever. You are not getting him in this place. There's a lot of things I'll go along with, but that ain't one of them. He shows up, I leave. And I don't care if you think that's going to hurt people, I'm not being in the same place as him.

And let's get another thing straight, shall we? I'm moody, surly, and a bit of a jerk. I do not 'help out' people like Diva just cause I was feeling guilty about being evil to her. It wasn't even evil anyway, it was slightly ... over the side of jerk I usually go. I'm not joining that soddin' glee club either, it's a little too happy clappy you get me?

That goes for that dude Hellion's 'team'. I don't play nicely with others. 


Stronghold and the Sidekicks don't count. That... it's a different situation. 

Oh yeah, while we're on that little "marvel" matter. .... "Uncle Steve" ? Really? Not a totally out there idea, just not really one you could see with me, is it? 
Tags: [canon] disney live action, [canon] marvel: general, [canon] marvel: x-men, [canon] obscure, [rpg] fandom_smash
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