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On MUN's sudden interest in romancedressing

 Dear MUN,

Really now, a romance-focused community? And how well do you think that's going to work out? I'm pretty sure David's not interested in having a potential stepfather any time soon. And you know that Jim's always been the only one for me. 

I just don't think it's a good idea, hun. Who would love someone that might still be in love with someone else? Maybe take Silena over there, instead? She is a daughter of Aphrodite, and you know she's been begging to be let out of the headspace for ages now. Plus, you've already made her a journal. Which I still think is a bad idea, but I've already made my opinion on that clear in my other letter.

But as I was saying. You've made her a journal, you've found her a PB, you've gotten an icon up: You have no more excuses not to tag with her. 

What do you mean you're worried about how her voice will sound? You said yourself that she's a relatively minor character. You couldn't possibly horribly mess up her personality where there's just about nothing to go by.

So, really, MUN dear. Off you go. Bring Silena out for a bit and let me wallow in my... what did you call it? My "forever alone"-ness. I have accepted that I'll never fall in love again, not after Jim am perfectly content with just having David and Genesis in my life. As my life. There's no need to add any romance in to complicate manners.

I hope you'll take my words into consideration.



P.S- Get some sleep, MUN. Staying up into ungodly hours of the morning is not healthy for anyone, and it definitely doesn't make any of my tags better.
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