lostghosttier (lostghosttier) wrote in dear_mun,


so we are doing this now? i thought you were going to drop the whole playing me thing the last time you got burned by your partner?
not that I'm complaining. no, really, even if it is a little dusty and lonely up here with just that one anime dude, at least we're doing something, right?

just as long as you don't plan on corralling me back into a one-on-one au. i see you with those exalted playbooks and i do not like the tilt of your grin, pal! i'm all for scary stuff as much as the next fella, but you gotta give me some slack! no more constant threat of possible post-death death!

come on, let's compromise. find a community or something, maybe find another ship to sail. yeah so the last one sank like the titanic but there will be others. no i'm not begging you to find me someone to smooch you big fluffy dumbass.
Tags: [canon] ms paint adventures, [rpg] *homeless
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