Mari Broderick (notasweetdream) wrote in dear_mun,

((Needs somewhere to vent. Muse is starting to get frustrated with someone she's trying to help.))

All I'm doing is following my instincts. I'm trying all I can to help.

He should understand I can't accept his half-assed answers. He tells me, "You're an outsider. Outsiders are trouble. You can't do anything to help. Go away. Mind your own damn business. My friend doesn't know you. She won't trust you."

This along with, "If she does and you do help, you still won't be able to go where I'm going. You can't come."

All I've told him about myself. What I stand for and how I can't just trust anybody with my seriously painful stuff. I know he knows I'm not evil. He knows I care--but I might as well be speaking in a foreign language. I've opened up, yet this doesn't seem to mean anything to him.

Why? Why can't he just straight out tell me how people on the outside are trouble? He doesn't think I'd understand?

I can be trusted. I can be counted on! I hate suffering, and lately all I've been doing is trying to end it! If there's some secret or whatever outsiders to his world shouldn't know, then I'll willingly take it to my grave.

He can't just ditch me. That's not fair. The fact that I can't go home to set things right in the most horrific war imaginable is not! Fair!

[Before she could get REALLY angry, she takes in a deep breath, and lets it back out. It'd get seriously bad if she lets herself feel really, really pissed.]

I don't know many pirates, especially when it comes to the well-meant ones. But that guy is the most stubborn pirate I've ever met.
Tags: [canon] alternate, [canon] once upon a time, [canon] original character, [rpg] sixwordstories
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