Liquid Snake/Master Miller (oneof_twosnakes) wrote in dear_mun,

Irritation and jealousy doesn't cover this dude's emotional state.

So, this is your idea of fun, hm? To bring me to this godforsaken place? One problem. I don't WANT to be here. I NEED to be back at Shadow Moses Island, developing REX to be capable of launching nuclear missiles. One should be enough. Ocelot will come looking for me, I know it. He's always been faithful to me, as have all the others in my faithful team of soldiers. [He will now be glaring and crossing his arms over his bare chest, his greatcoat swaying in the wind slightly.]

Are you happy now? Had your fun? Displace me during the most important mission of my life. Pathetic. You really are so stupid at times. Just like my precious brother, Solid Snake. Hah. He will die at my hand, once REX reaches it's full power. Nothing can stop me.
Tags: [canon] metal gear solid
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