Peter Petrelli (AU) (genetic_mimicry) wrote in dear_mun,

((AU-ish Peter. Voice test...))

It really has been a while. At least two years since you let me do anything.

You said you found Nathan? [Both eyebrows raise.] I hope he's doing okay.

What? Mari's with him? [He looks even even more surprised, to hear this.] Of course I remember her! I've been at what you've call the head space Nexus with her and all those other people a while, when you had me around during that Infinity On High verse thing. You remember that, right? With those zombies, and freaky headless things. Matt fought some of them too, and met that crazy Liche.

Don't tell me they're around again.

Is that the truth? [Don't you make him read your mind now! He's capable of doing that, Mun!]

Is Nathan all-- [No, he's not over at any of those places you've been to, Peter.] She's in ours?

How is that possible? I thought... [He shakes his head, confused and troubled. Something's not right. He'll find out what's going on soon enough, but he can't allow you to overload him right now.]

Look. I'm glad Mari got to meet my brother. I want to see them both. I really do, but slow down. All right? You don't remember everything I've been through, and we both know you need some more time.

While you do that, let me talk to him.
Tags: [canon] heroes, [rpg] sixwordstories
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