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You know me well enough.

[He knows that you know about how cautious he must be.]

I believe I know what the true meaning behind this "poke" is. It doesn't have anything to do with regaining your confidence on knowing who I am as a person.

It's the fact you've missed having me around, Ms. Mundane.

I can't say the feeling is mutual, but someone has to make sure you won't send anyone around my family I wouldn't approve of. [See that serious expression he has? It means she should listen. Give every ounce of her attention to every single word of what he has to say.]

Time has been a bit pressing, catching up with all the other muses, but I've managed to do it. It's quite a crowd in this Head Space Nexus. The more recent neighbors are very interesting. [About half of them he'd want as far away from his wife, son, and daughter as possible.]

I've also noticed the on-going event at your musebox community. You may not have any intentions to involve me or anyone I care about at the island anytime soon, but how can I be assured you won't change your mind later?

"You really do know everything all over again. Most especially the very, verrry... y'know. I can imagine how stressed and worried you must be to know that information." [Mundane's voice over the intercom (to which is new for Mr. Bennet) knows specifics must be all hush-hush, in case Claire comes around. He'll only press more to have her very uneasy otherwise.]

[Damn right he's worried about that. He does not want Claire to end up like the horrible drones he's heard about! He knows she will want to find her soon--both good and bad news for both himself and one of the most precious people in his life...] I'm hopeful the others will help put a stop to that entire situation. Soon.
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