Emma Coolidge (colorful_sounds ) wrote in dear_mun ,

((I just enabled myself to pick Emma for a new muse. This should be an interesting voice test...))

[She's staring at the computer presented before her, wary and unsure of what to make of the message on the glowing monitor. "Hi Emma. You may address me as Mun, Mundane, Writer, Typist, or even player. It doesn't really matter to me which you choose.

I know I cannot use the intercom system to communicate to you, because you won't be able to hear me. Reading lips won't be possible either, for I'm not standing in front of you.

Emma looks around this mostly empty room, but she doesn't see anyone. Is this some kind of joke? What is going on? There's nothing here but a desk, a chair, and a PC. Suspicious...

She slides back the chair before sitting down. If she types up the response, will this Mun person be able to respond back?]

What kind of name is "Mun" supposed to be? Who is this? Where am I? How do you know I'm not able to hear?

[Mun's response: "Mun is an alias. You'll learn my real name later. Who I am and where you are...that's all complicated. You're in another world of sorts, and I'm the writer. You're the muse for something called roleplay. Don't worry. I don't intend to take you away from your life. I'm only curious to observe which direction you'll go, and who you will meet."

"As for how I know about you, that's more complicated. ^^;"]

[Emma reads and frowns at this response a moment before typing;] You're not making much sense. Writer? Of what? What is roleplay?

Why would you want to observe me? I'm not really interesting.
[That last part being a lie, sort of... The most very interesting thing about her is what she sees, and what she can do--but Emma doesn't trust some annonymous and mysterious person sitting at a computer someplace else to ever mention that.]
Tags: [canon] heroes, [rpg] musebox, [rpg] sixwordstories
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