Chris Redfield (captainredfield) wrote in dear_mun,

[ it is 3am WTF am I doing ]

What are you doing?
I'll tell you what you're doing.

You're in the middle of waking me up out of nowhere, for no damn reason at all, that's what you're doing.

Not that I don't appreciate the attention, but you do realize I'm over 40 now right?
I've gone through some pretty screwed up shit, and now you just wanna come on along and dust me off.
Well I got some news for you, it ain't happenin'.

Have you taken a look around?

[ cue cricket chirping ]

There's no one here!

Look, you're tired. Obviously.
I mean, you gotta pretty be damn exhausted to be going this crazy to wanna dig up this ol' can of worms again.
Why not just put the laptop down, go to bed, get some sleep, and leave me alone. Okay?

Tags: [canon] resident evil
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