Steve Piranha Plant (adorably_steve) wrote in dear_mun,
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((Specifically, this guy's from Bowser's Kingdom, this funny fan-made animated sprite series...))

[A piranha plant emerges from a sideways green pipe.]


Can I come out and meet people? Can I? Huh? Huh?


I know you were looking at this account, Mun! You were thinking about me, right?

[Mun sounds like she's both amused and perplexed over the intercom.] "Steve, why are you wearing a Shy Guy mask?"

[...] Umm... 'cause I felt like it? I think it's cool! Don't you?

[...!] Hey! How come I can hear your voice, but can't see you? How are you doing that? That is so amazing.

"D'awww, I guess I missed you."

I missed you too!

I'm glad we're having this talk. [Steve smiles.]
Tags: [canon] super mario, [rpg] musebox
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