Jill Valentine (tvirus_savedher) wrote in dear_mun,

((Finished watching all the LP RE5 story modes. Now it's time for a voice test...))

[Warily, Jill will take this opportunity to assess some things, and speak her mind.]

Everything seems all but quiet in this "head space", as everyone else around there calls it.

It's crowded, and chaotic. This Magwald Xargin sounds as insane as... [No, she isn't thrilled at all about this. Again, a relief that bastard is dead.]

From what the others told me, it's a little different than the B.O.W's my comrades and I have seen.

Technically, it's not a virus, but advanced technology that spreads like one, and takes over and changes them into armored freaks known as Amalgam cyborg drones. [Yeah. She hit the nail on the head, pretty much!] Looks like I'll have to get some armor of my own if I'm to protect myself from getting hurt, or bled on.

[The symptoms. What they described...

Umbrella shouldn't ever find out about Xargin, and what he's done.

I've heard all I needed to know about them, and what Xargin intends to do. They're slightly different from the B.O.W.'s--but what I don't understand is this other world it's all taking place in. How can a world be sentient?

And how the hell can a dragon be real over there? Jesus. [Jill sighs. This is getting to be too much. It's a hell of a lot to take in!] I'm just thankful she didn't try eat me. Almost gave me a heart attack when she started talking to me.

[Jill's been very focused on sharing this and hoping to find answers that she's forgotten what else she was going to say.]
Tags: [canon] resident evil, [rpg] musebox, [rpg] sixwordstories
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