Mari Broderick (notasweetdream) wrote in dear_mun,
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I think I...kinda eff'd up.

But I had no idea this Steve Rogers guy would know Phil.

And Phil might not blame me for mentioning him being alive, all behind good intentions! He and I both know I wouldn't mean to put anymore stress on him. Especially since Skye hasn't woken up yet.

Steve's not bad though. Not at all. [Her gut instincts tell her so. The guy sounded very optimistic when they first met, and he not once made her feel suspicious or stressed.] I warned him ahead of time to not demand answers. Phil looked like a mess. How tired and worried he looked mirrored how I've felt during restless nights--and I've had one too many of those.

It's too late to go back on it now. It's been too late since I uttered my friend's whole name.

What I don't want, Mun, is anymore drama that I've already had.
Tags: [canon] marvel: general, [canon] original character, [rpg] sixwordstories
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