Mello/Mihael Keehl (worlds_runnerup) wrote in dear_mun,

AU! Vamp!Mello

Before I start I know things are complicated. I get it, okay? I do, but I have a world to save. You know, me being a Blessed One and all of that? Matty needs me. Near needs me. We have a job to do. It's the only reason I became a vampire. You know agreed to stay stuck as a fifteen year old forever?

And I won't let my selfish asshole of a father get away with any of it. I don't care about his reasons.

Right now though I am hungry, Mun. We should go out on the town. I know of a few clubs that would be perfect. Even some goths who wouldn't mind sharing their blood. I'll have to wipe their minds, of course, for their own protection. There might even be Karaoke.

But I need to get out. Please?
Tags: [canon] death note
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