Anri Sonohara (rejects_love) wrote in dear_mun,

((Voice Test! \o/ Introverted Japanese girl...with hidden supernatural powers. :3))

[At the volume she speaks in, you'd kind of have to really listen. Anri is often a soft spoken young lady.]

[She bows, a bit shy.] ...N-Nice to meet you, Mun-san.

Where will I be going? Will my friends be there?

[She's sure she'll become sad overtime the more she's away from any of her close friends. Most of them she knows from school. The other's complicated. Celty Sturluson-chan may not be human, but Anri doesn't at all treat her any different than anyone else she's ever met.]

[The answer Mun gives doesn't sound great, but at least it's a little optimistic.] "Maybe" is better than nothing.
Tags: [canon] durarara!!, [rpg] musebox, [rpg] sixwordstories
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