Allen Francis Doyle (got_jossed) wrote in dear_mun,
Allen Francis Doyle

at campfuckudie but concerning other things

You don't want to try that man, trust me. Plotting won't get us anywhere, especially where that Cordelia is. And that's what we both want, yeah?

So, this is what we have to do. Cordelia said it's all about visibility, like. So stop complaining about skewing my "comment count" and let me post this, man. Why are you so fussy about those sorts of things anyway?

Oh, and Harper is talking about tesseracts again and none of us want to be modern art as he puts it. I know you're all hopeless-like over getting him castmates, having failed so many times before but give it another go, man! You never know what you might find, especially in a place like this.
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