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Dear Mun...

because puppets have feelings too

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Did your Mun write your last post just the way you wanted them to? Did they completely misunderstand what you're trying to tell them? Did they do something to you utterly against your will just because they were "bored?"

This is a safe place for puppets to address their Muns for whatever reasons they feel necessary. What is said here stays here and does not affect your RPG in any way. Also, Muns may not hold anything you say here against you.

A Few Rules:

1. You may only talk to your OWN Mun here. This is not a place to start wars over something another puppet's Mun has done, because YOUR Mun probably agreed to it. You may address other muses, writers and games ONLY in a non-threatening or joking way, or in connection with your own Mun.

2. Only PUPPETS may post here, though Muns may comment - nicely. If you are having a problem with your puppet and would like to address them in a post, for RPG characters there is dear_puppet, for Tolkien elves there is dear_elf and for original characters, there is dear_muse.

3. This community is open to puppets from any and all RPGs, though we would request that you specify at least what game you're from when posting.

4. No you don't HAVE to specify who your Mun is, but it would be nice to know for all us curious readers :)

5. Please lj-cut long entries. I leave it to your judgement to decide how long that is.

6. Please cut and label non-worksafe entries or links. Always give warnings for NC-17 material.

7. Please cut for spoilers in your canon. Use common sense; if it's been less than a week for a TV series episode, a month for a movie or book, etc. then it's probably a spoiler. See this post for clarification.

8. For information on tagging policies, please see the Community Tag FAQ post.

9. Have fun!

10. Oh, and no taunting the puppets. They're fragile.

Bonded with another muse over your mun's behaviour? Awesome! Below is a list of free form (no application required; just join and post!) RP comms in which you can continue your interaction and get to know each other better, or even meet more muses:


PLEASE NOTE: dear_mun is not affiliated with any of these communities and does not necessarily endorse them for RP purposes; this is simply a list compiled by the mod of places that appear to be open and active for multi-famdom play. Should you choose to join any of the above mentioned communities, please be certain to read and abide by the rules each has laid out. If none of them appeal to you, remember: You can friend each other and continue RP in your actual journals, or you can create your own comms for RP play.


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