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Due to all the spam we've been getting, membership and posting are now moderated. I will do my best to get to posts/new memberships quickly.


Shaking off the dust

Dear Mun,

You are bringing me back because you are frustrated with real life larp things. I haven't been out of my car in years. YEARS. We cannot go back to where we were. I can't just always be on the run.

Can I settle down and get some friends? New shop, New job, New Everything.


What Canon.

...well at least you acknowledge the fact that yeah, my lack of canon and backstory warrants you making one for me.

But really.

Drugs and prison and...


Ah, screw it. At this point, it doesn't matter if I'm waltzing around in a yard or at a bar somewhere, does it.

[Well excuse him for peaking in.]

... it's not like I'm bound to find anyone hanging around here, mun. Pretty sure everyone's gotten up and left this joint to newer, greener pastures by now.

Still, I guess it can't hurt to take a peak. It's not like I'm going to see one, but hey, who knows what'll come up?

You could've at least given me a new set of icons, though. Or maybe a new username all together. I mean, seriously-- this whole account's really behind the times. I've grown outta a number of things, you know.
Lady Mun,

It's been... It's been 5 years. We both know it is impossible to go back to what we had.

Attack on Titan Panfandom

Shingeki no Kyojin RP

Hey, you realize it's not my fault that thanks to the newer anime you have to revise my history, right? Of course if you did want to play that other guy with the monkey tail, I'm not going to argue with you. I can't say I'm all that thrilled to be a candidate to be sent off to some world where there are three story tall monsters that want to eat me. It makes me feel like a 'sacrifice' all over again.

Plus, you got that Eren kid already - you want to play two people with short tempers? Though I have to admit, he makes me look tame. And don't even think about dragging Al into this. He's been through enough.

Look I've already had to overthrow one corrupt government - I haven't been punished enough? Make that Zidane guy do it. He's the one that always wants to help people.

Oct. 19th, 2014


Do something with yourself. You're annoying pathetic.
[Sirius sits with his legs crossed, expression uninterested. He takes a swig straight from the bottle.]

This is a dead forum, mate. I know you want me to be- somewhere and move on and be open, but-

I'm gonna go ahead and say it's not happening here. I know you want me to app somewhere, but I'm not interested- they're all going to leave me again one day anyway, won't they? Isn't that how this story goes?

And then I die before him. Yes, I've read your books. Didn't much care for that, mind you.

Your heart's in the right place, mate, I know it is, I just don't see much of an opportunity here... [At any protests of his mun, the Marauder arches an eyebrow, then shrugs his shoulders elegantly. Only he could pull off disbelief so gracefully.]

Prove me wrong then. 
[So I kind of caved in when a friend brought up that he saw a Lance blog, which had terrible English (and yet gave off a sort of superiority vibe for its English). And because I've been feeling Lance's muse wanting a Tumblr for awhile, since I've kind of wanted a second character to main, but none of the other muses were awake.
That said
I'm still terrified of his voice. Of writing it wrong and ruining what I used to fantasize about his character, since this is the first character I ever fangirled. But I'm gonna try to not be afraid, because he's really been wanting this. He's been wanting this for a very long time and he's, in fact, my oldest muse. Ten years or so. So, I'm gonna try.]

Thank you. I appreciate that you are trying. I believe that you can do it. And I'm glad that you finally saw that there are some guidelines in the quotes at Bulbapedia. That you do have references to fall back on, to fill in the blanks in my personality that you've always been afraid to see. It may change how you perceive me, when you do finish developing my character thoroughly, but it might be for the better. [He smiles at the mun.]  Please don't see it as a bad thing, even if it is just a necessary thing.

It's been a while

Yeah, mun? I don't think there's really anyone on LJ anymore. I know you wanna go to a game, and I know you want to play me off of some of those Beat Riders dancers, but I don't think it's gonna happen.

Further down the rabbit hole

Dear Mun,

I don't know why you felt so inclined to prod the "sleeping dragon" back to life, but you did, and so here I am. What to do...

I want to put my objection to your latest ... extravaganza... on record. May I remind you that I have received an award as the Best Initiative Player? I served in a combat unit - albeit as an instructor. Precisely why do you now wish to place me in a ... fairy tale?
You'll be able to figure out how to do your own rendition of this instrumental that's supposedly my own instrumental theme from canon, neh? [chuckle] That's really cute, Mun-chan. But, don't you have one other thing you want to try after this remix of yours? Of some...duh-duh-duh something? [Izaya looks like he's about to crack up. He remembers the title well, and she does too. He's just picking on her.] Don't overload yourself. You won't get anything done at all that way!

[Mun sighs a bit. Of course, of course. He's been observing. And Izaya grins a big grin, amused at her reaction. He actually laughs this time, a bit.]

What, you were expecting me to ignore you? [Nope, that grin is not leaving. If only that Mun/Muse barrier didn't exist! There's this impulse to wrap an arm around her shoulder--make her cringe--and he won't be able to do it.] You clearly forgot about me! That nearly breaks my heart...

[Uh huh. Right. Like he really means that.]

But I do mean it, Mun-chan. I've missed you! If you were thinking of me, then that clearly means you've missed me too. Right?

I've missed coming around here, and you know--isn't it about time you set up for that account on Dreamwidth?

[Oh, don't TRY to be subtle with Mun. She knows you too damn well, Izaya! Fiiiine, she'll get around to it today. And won't let herself be distracted by newly installed synthesizer, no matter how awesome it is. ... Really!]

Old mun, new voice

...don't you say a word. Not a word.

We both know why I'm here, and it's not to see him.
I'm, uh, glad you're thinking about adopting me I guess not in the literal sense but are you sure you're up for it? I mean, there's the brain-space-budgeting, the thinking, and the whole reading up on law things and the pretending you know what you're talking about--

M-me? I'm fine! H-Honest!


Okay maybe you should put me back to sleep I'm not entirely sure if this is a good idea and the way you're tensing is making my bracelet go off like crazy--

Aug. 18th, 2014

This is nice. It’s good to be free, to stretch my wings. I think it has been going well so far. For me more than him, but considering how quiet some people have been... it was perfect timing. Again, for me, not for him.

Regarding your hesitation at bringing in another character... You have a few new ones wandering around your head. True, not all of your past ones have made it, but that is why you do this, isn’t it? To see if they can pass the gauntlet. As for your concern about making one that works so closely with this vampire, the Spaniard is right. There will be women who are jealous. But I would not disapprove of having a servant.

Of course, perhaps you should wait and see how the drug addict plays out. The Spaniard would not work well with this new person if he had just failed in teaching.

As always, it is all about timing with these things.

But I am enjoying myself.
.. what is that saying, mundane?

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened?

You need to smile. I know you love her, dearly so, and that there's still a thin thread of connection left between you, but you really should take some time for yourself.

That aside, perhaps we'll look through this place once more, yes? After all, someone has to make sure you stay occupied. Hiatus or not, I am a good source of interaction for you to be aware of. So relax.

You'll get through this. Even if I have to drag you through it myself.
[Vanessa is seated at a mahogany table, maroon-colored tarot cards spread in two parallel arcs before her.]

I trust you've finished your tea.

If this is to be our arrangement, you know my request. Make your choices.

[Vanessa studies her arcs carefully, then turns over three cards: the golden winged Chariot outlined in chalk; the outline of the Magician poring over his studies. She seems content, then flips over the third.

The Devil, horned and tailed, smiling cruelly up at her.

She is slightly unnerved--blink and you'll miss it--but keeps her composure together.]

Oh, my dear girl, my dear, mundane girl.

Your fortitude and insistence you can handle this--this idea of me within your head, if that's what we are to call it. Are all Americans like you and Mr. Chandler? I know you haven't his expertise in firearms, but--

[She looks down to gather her breath. The lights around her flicker. She is nervous, but hides it very well.]

I do worry I'll cause more trouble than I'm worth. I know your--background in the supernatural, and I trust your merits, but you were so young when you last were in any place demons may look you in the eye. We are nearly of an age, you and I, and yet we are so different you almost remind me of--but--

[She clears her throat. She smiles, but only one side of her mouth perks up.]

No. You and she are hardly alike.

I'll have to run this by Sir Malcolm, and the rest. We all have our secrets, but--before you remain privy to mine, he would like to know, I am sure.

Just promise me--if he does let you along--you'll know what to do if the worst happens. If you need to, you'll do what you must.

Won't you?

Jun. 19th, 2014


It is not meant to work like this. He is not actually meant to gain power. I am meeting new, wonderful people. But how can I make a life for myself with him trying to drown me out?

This is meant to be a place for me. Look at how popular I am! Look at all the señoritas that talk to me! It would be cruel of me to confuse them with another man speaking with my mouth. Please, mun, do it for the señoritas. Or, rather, don’t do this. I refuse to be another tragic vampire in a world of tragic vampires.


New Muse. Voicetesting.

First things first, I have to ask you if you're really sure you can handle this and I'm going to tell you that if you can't, then you need to back down now before we both get too far into this. You saw how the last muse turned out and I won't be as easy on you or as forgiving as she was. This means that if I tell you to do something, you do it to the letter and if the time comes when you need to make the call, you're actually able to make a decision without my help. I won't hold your hand when it gets tough.

I see you have some background in legal matters... ("What is this an interview?") however, wouldn't Parkman be more your speed? You'd understand more of his end of things compared to mine. (*Mun glares, muse makes a note of this. He thinks the mun might be more ambitious than he assumed at first.*) Fine, forget what I said, since you're going to be that way and I really don't have a choice here...

Good, you actually understand what I'm saying. (He gives a slight charming grin. He might just be able to tolerate this.) I'm just going to hope you're actually serious about this. If you are, we might just work.
Would you stop huffing about how I'm ignoring you, woman?
I simply feel no reason to care about what you're interested in.

[ Nevermind that his voice here in this place has been quiet for so long -- or that he is amused by his own relative silence in general as of late. ]

May. 20th, 2014

You could always just say something.

au version of character

Yeah -- I see the amusement value.

I don't blame you playing my younger self. You need something reliable

And I know you're already writing the fanfiction.
[You ready for a lot of cute, Dear Mun? A pikachu is here, grooming himself.]

Illusive like a shadow.

So, you've decided to let me breath again? I'm grateful for that. It's been how long since you've actually brought me out of hibernation? Never mind. It doesn't matter. I'd like to express how grateful I am for you letting me out of your headspace and back into reality. People need me. Like my friends and allies.

There's a war to fight.

You're givin' it all you've got... Wait...

Don't be so hard on yourself, lass. You're trying. You made me, that's something. You can't accommodate people that aren't there half the time. They're just busy, I'm sure.


Look, you think I like hanging around here with the rest of your neglected muses? Not exactly a party, here...


Okay mun. You've had me around for...almost five years.

And I know you've really been tweaking your story of me for awhile. In RPland, I live in DC.

But then...you thought, 'Hey, maybe the whole supernatural creatures living in the real world is right now way too popular.'

Well, you're kinda right, cuz...you created me as a bit of a joke because of pop culture being what it is.

So now you're kinda thinking, 'Hey, maybe I rewrite your story with you being from another world.'

My thought? I think this all came from being disappointed in Once Upon a Time.

And maybe a dash of Cosmos. Which is a way better show. But yeah, that too. Just don't make an OC based on Neil cuz that would be odd.

Honestly....I dunno about this alternate world thing. I get the idea...but I'm a bit torn about being a tad rebooted.


...I'm not sure I would call it "forgetting."

More of an avoidance of this place because of so many things that have happened.

Call it curiosity to see how others are doing as well. Another year passed, and we've both been through a great deal.
Don't waste time thinking about the motives of losers. It doesn't matter what he thought.  What matters is how he acted: impulsively. That is, he reacted as I'd predicted.

And the outcome was informative.

[Homeless currently] A new face....

W-well...h-hello there!

Mun-chan, you'll find my friends, right? Right?


Is there a place for me to go?

Maybe Mikasa will be there? Eren? Jean?

I don't want to worry them, though....

....Mun-chan...umm....find me a good place, okay?

Can there be a tag for Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin? I couldn't find one...
[This woman here is furious about a current predicament. She's been so furious that she's what caused those holes to appear in the ground. Rosso stands, her arms crossed as that Romanian accented voice of hers sounds venomous.]

Mun... What do you know of this? This nonsense?

[She moves a dark gloved hand to the side of her head, looking aggravated.] My mind, it cannot take any more. And this woman; she is but a mere weakling compared to a Tsviet!

No, they are not dead, or finished. [She knew what Mun was going to say there.] I'm alive, aren't I?

If this far-off world is so powerful, then why can't it fight its own battles?

At least let me slaughter those drones, or hunt for Xargin. That would be far more enjoyable.

[So frustrated. Feeling so indignified and angry. Rosso's in the mood to kill something, or someone.]

Are you kidding me?

(He rubs his forehead and growls.) Why do I keep gettin' pulled into these strange goings on? I swear I'm goin' to die early...well, again anyway.  I don' even know how to pitch in to start solvin' this mess. You saw what happened when I -did- try to figh' the first time...nothin' worked and I had to run. I'm no coward.

(His head hurts worse now.)  An' mind explainin' to me why you're amused by it? (He glares.) Stop mouthin' off, you know you're enjoyin' some of this.

Mun, mind makin 'sure I get some sort of break...a day or two of normal every once in a while?
I see. You are serious about me.

At least I'll be with those I recognize, but I have heard that they may have lost all memories of me, and the Nexus place...

[Shelke frowns.]

You're thinking of writing a prompt. This late?

[Mun can at least get one started! Please be cooperative?]

If that will help you, then do it. I just find the extra attention uneccessary, in my opinion.

((2 AU versions of Dean, 1 post!))

AU Dean: So, how is it over there, anyway?

AU Nexus Dean: [The double scowls a bit as he replies.] A mess.

AU: I got that much already, from what Mari told me. She says it's sentient, and can take whoever it wants, whenever it wants. That ain't right.

Nexus: [His scowl dims upon hearing his friend/family member's name.] No, it isn't. We're--hell, I don't know anymore. Pawns? People it's attached to? Things are making even less sense... She is okay, isn't she?

AU: Physically, she's fine. Other than that, she's upset. Frustrated--have you and your Sam really been over there for seven years?

Nexus: [This Dean is looking to his double right in the eyes.] Yeah, we have. Now there's more confusing, bogus crap than there already has been. We learn on the go. There's no lore anywhere on sentient worlds.

Not over here, and I doubt there's anything to dig up where you are.

AU: You're probably right about that... Hey, I got another question. Does your Sam have any strange dreams, of living a double life?

Nexus: [Tenses.] No. Does yours?

AU: Yeah, and we believe that he's connected to yours through them. [Runs a hand down his face.]

[AU Nexus Dean does a double take at that. Seriously?! WTF, man!]

Mar. 13th, 2014


I am not feeling 'out of my groove'. I am just surrounded by a different 'groove'. Why should I feel uneasy? It's not as if I am hiding secrets, or working around a telepath, or staying put instead of running around (which would be very risky of me. I am hardly confused about my life's purpose, or my moral compass, or even who I am.

Oh wait...

Anxious as I am, I am not, and never will be 'out of my groove'. I will 'groove' until the end of my days.

Yours, theirs, whoever's,

PS: I need a fiesta. Pronto.

((A suspicious ex-SOLDIER))

Whatever you're thinking about, stop. Forget about it.

Or are you really being scatter-brained right now?

[He breathes out a sigh.]

You've done enough damage. Stop splitting everyone up.

[... Oh, and one more thing. Something Cloud wants to know as much as the rest of his comrades want to know.]

Is she all right? It's been months...
[At the volume she speaks in, you'd kind of have to really listen. Anri is often a soft spoken young lady.]

[She bows, a bit shy.] ...N-Nice to meet you, Mun-san.

Where will I be going? Will my friends be there?

[She's sure she'll become sad overtime the more she's away from any of her close friends. Most of them she knows from school. The other one...it's complicated. Celty Sturluson-chan may not be human, but Anri doesn't at all treat her any different than anyone else she's ever met.]

[The answer Mun gives doesn't sound great, but at least it's a little optimistic.] "Maybe" is better than nothing.

AU! Vamp!Mello

Before I start I know things are complicated. I get it, okay? I do, but I have a world to save. You know, me being a Blessed One and all of that? Matty needs me. Near needs me. We have a job to do. It's the only reason I became a vampire. You know agreed to stay stuck as a fifteen year old forever?

And I won't let my selfish asshole of a father get away with any of it. I don't care about his reasons.

Right now though I am hungry, Mun. We should go out on the town. I know of a few clubs that would be perfect. Even some goths who wouldn't mind sharing their blood. I'll have to wipe their minds, of course, for their own protection. There might even be Karaoke.

But I need to get out. Please?

Mar. 10th, 2014

I miss who I used to be. Is there a way to make me go back? I want to go back to being that person.

(She looks up.) About that "Reborn" thing...I'm not happy and I know you're not that excited about it...but, you saw that question drop off board, right? Mind askin'...if...well, they could ever...well, undo what happened to me? I mean...I'm not stupid enough to believe they will do that...but...could you still ask anyway?


Dear Mun...

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