Anthony J. Crowley (fancy_an_apple) wrote in dear_mun,
Anthony J. Crowley

apping at silenthell_rpg?

Ah...listen, sweetheart. Not that I'm not flattered by your attentions or anything, but is this really necessary? I hadn't intended on taking up residency in a mortal girl's head, let alone one as...well. Let's just say you've got all the creativity of your species and leave it at that, shall we? In any case, I much preferred my flat in London, so if you could get with the returning me, that'd be grand.

What? You are sending me elsewhere? Fantastic. Heav--I mean He--someone knows I've got enough to do, and Below doesn't take kindly to impromptu vacations.

...Wait a tick. What's a Silent Hill and why on Earth are you sending me there? And why hasn't anyone of the higher-ups (or lower-downs, I suppose) said otherwise? Wait, let me guess. 'You'll know when you need to, Crowley.' 'It isn't your place to question, Crowley.' 'Yours is to obey without hesitation, Crowley, and while you're at it, how about fetching the paper and mowing the lawn, would you, Crowley?' Ugh.

Sodding ineffability...
Tags: [canon] good omens
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