alois trancy ✗ (justsocruel) wrote in dear_mun,
alois trancy ✗

Vague spoilers for the entire season of Kuroshitsuji II

See? I told you there'd be an answer sooner than you thought.

What did you call this again? The, uh, "Word of God"? You've been waiting for something like this, haven't you?! Confirmation from the Creator? Reason for my being?

--Why is it taking you so long to read it?! You're being fucking slow! [Yoink!] GIVE me that! [Furious reading ensues!]

Oh. Oh. This part, right here--s'gotta be my favorite. [He clears his throat, smooths down his hair because he can, and then reads aloud,] Besides, in Kuroshitsuji II Claude and Alois aren't just "enemies". As the director said too, they're "the other Kuroshitsuji pair", as essential to Kuroshitsuji II as Sebastian and Ciel.

Claude and I-- We're essential. I'm essential. It feels weird to say that.

But this is. [He giggles and tries to stop those giggles from coming out, but they're a little too forceful and he's a little too--dare he acknowledge it?--relieved.] This is going to wipe the smile right off that prick's face.~

[He goes back to reading.] Also, I'll tell you one thing... Sure enough Sebastian and Ciel are characters born from the original manga, but... this time you shouldn't take for granted that they will win against the other pair!

[There are no words now. Trembling, he smiles creepily huge for his face. If you need him, he'll be busy running back and forth throwing rose petals, laughing loudly, and dancing with imaginary partners.]
Tags: [canon] kuroshitsuji, [rpg] *homeless
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