Gavroche Thénardier (top_oftheclass) wrote in dear_mun,
Gavroche Thénardier

Mun has evil enabler friends, who she does love really

So ... I'm getting moved? Alright, alright, c'n deal wif this, ain't notfing so bad. ... Whassat? School? ... Ain't never been, ain't never going. An' I don't hang 'bout wif no stoopid girls neither.

Why I'm geting a new home anyways? You don't hardly ever play me, and you ain't even gotten near me in that book! 

... 'Ponine? My ... Ain't like it matters none, she ain't ever cared before. I ain't going to no school, no matter what you say! 

I'll rule this place before they know it, an' all. No inspector'll stop me!
Tags: [canon] musicals, [canon] obscure, [rpg] fandom_smash
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