Arthur Kirkland ♚ ENGLAND (noblemen) wrote in dear_mun,
Arthur Kirkland ♚ ENGLAND

Oh and I was just beginning to grow accustomed to the silence.

But since you've decided to take interest in me once more, I do hope you're doing something productive with my existence. I have no intention of becoming some sort of background noise again to you. Saying this, I would much rather you avoid putting me in any of those games, so to speak, as the lot of them sound about as fun as the eighties. Don't start.

So, if I'm remembering what this forum is useful for, I would like to lodge a certain complaint; why her? You know exactly who I'm speaking of as well, and don't you dare try to play innocent you selfish little cow. She is the Devil incarnate and I want nothing to do with her. At least I can punch her male self! And that is very satisfying, I'll have you know.

Don't get ahead of yourself, love; there's no where that will want me, not the way you see me. Which you know, I'm quite fine with really. It's more time to contemplate a litany of things, from the depressing state of affairs the world has to offer to the last Geordie Shore episode I have yet to avoid. What class the Americans bring us. Yes, yes, 'special relationships', of course. It just means when I strangle him, I have to do it in a way that sets him apart from all the other nations I typically strangle.

I um, well, thank you for the little pictures and all the naming you went through, but you do realise it was a frivolous effort, right? It isn't as if anyone is going to note what poet's lines you used, or notice the one that doesn't quite fit. But if it amuses you... still, you should probably focus on your studies. Shouldn't you be applying places? No, not these silly games, you know, places to continue your education? Oh right. Of course that's secondary.

Well, if you're going to continue playing me, if I could lodge one final request in our dealings, I'd like to ask to be exposed to... a better sort of people. Less French. Far less French. None of my siblings, if you would. American is acceptable, but not quite welcomed, if you understand my implications. I would not object to some Portuguese company, however.

England. Or the United Kingdom. Of Great Britain and et cetera, et cetera. What, do you think I actually like that name? It's inconvenient at best.
Tags: [canon] axis powers hetalia, [rpg] *homeless
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