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Voice testing

Dear Ms. Mundane,

When my other self complained to you that our 'birthday' had been forgotten and that you had neglected to even compensate him for his efforts as a muse in your head space, I hardly think creating me was what he had in mind as an appropriate gift.

Infact it's entirely inappropriate in every sense of the word. He appears to be rather anguished at suddenly being reminded of my existence. Gifts, particularly birthday gifts, are supposed to be fun for the recipient, not the other way around. And they certainly aren't supposed to cause intentional harm.

I must admit I feel rather slighted myself. You didn't even make an effort to make the necessary wheelchair accessible accommodations to your headspace. Although I suppose even with them it would have been of little benefit given the small square footage due to your rather diminutive brain capacity.

What do you mean you're considering other living arrangements for me?

Your faithful muse,

Austria of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire

[OCC: Austria after WWI. Due to the substantial physical and emotional trauma he sustained from the war --the collapse of his Empire and his marriage with Hungary, and the end of centuries of Hapsburg reign-- he has been delegated to a wheelchair.

Just giving him a test spin to see if I can pull him off or not. Also if there's a game you'd like to suggest to me that you think this Austria would fit into I'd be grateful. c:]
Tags: [canon] axis powers hetalia, [rpg] *homeless
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