gloomyApoplectic (GA) ♍ Kanaya Maryam (reddeadvirgo) wrote in dear_mun,
gloomyApoplectic (GA) ♍ Kanaya Maryam

what am i doing :'|

Your name is KANAYA MARYAM.

Today is not your wriggling day, though it might be considered so in a very metaphorical and metaphysical sense. You are suddenly aware of SOME MYSTERIOUS FORCE that may or may not be influencing you through strategic sequencing of certain characters found on the average keyboard.

> Kanaya: Feel compelled to address mysterious force.

Under normal circumstances, you would not have the awareness to do this. But here, in the Land of Mundane and Metaphysical, anything can be said to the MYSTERIOUS FORCES. Almost like giving a fenestrated wall of sorts a tentative knock before you decisively smash it to teeny-tiny bits in a blinding bloodrage.

> Kanaya: Voice your thoughts.

Well This Is Unexpected
I Did Not Think My Universe Had Endeared Itself To You As You Put It
So I Have To Say I Do Not Understand Why You Have Chosen Me To Be Your Character
I Also Must Confess I Do Not Think It Would Be Wise To Attempt To Send Me To Any Sort Of Role Playing Game At This Time
Especially Seeing As Your Proverbial Reservoirs Of Self Confidence Have Been Close To Empty For A While
And Are Emptying Further With Each Second You Are Spending Typing These Words
I Have Hopes That Through Some Sudden Epiphany You Will Realize You Are Being Hasty About All Of This
I Assure You I Will Be Content Should You Choose Not To Pursue Any Particular Threads Of Interest With Me
I Am Just Glad To Be Alive
So Please Do Not Add Stress Where It Is Not Needed
Thank You For Hearing Me Out
And For Selecting Me For This Strange Form Of Existence You Call Musedom
I Hope We Will Be Able To Cohabit This Space Of Your Think Pan Peacefully
Tags: [canon] alternate, [canon] ms paint adventures, [rpg] *homeless
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