ᴛᴀᴛᴇ (ghostpsychosis) wrote in dear_mun,

thoughts on getting thrown into places :|

So you did it. 

You finally threw the great big application in, but then you went on and applied me in to somewhere else. I don't want to go there, mun. I don't care -- whatever dreams I'll have won't be nice.Other people aren't supposed to see them -- they're my dreams. The only people who know about that kind of thing are Doctor Harmon and Violet, and I don't even tell them that much. 

One Passing Night, then. Looks like they'll be in for the time of their lives if I get accepted. 

[canon is american horror story; mun is trying to voice test more esp after recent episode ;;]
Tags: [canon] american horror story, [canon] obscure, [rpg] onepassingnight
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